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Think of the hardest thing you've had to do...


You probably wouldn't be able to do it on your own or master it without guidance and support along the way. 

News flash ! Healing will be the longest and hardest thing you'll ever have to do, but don't get discourage ! 

You probably searched "health coach near me" but believe me, you did not accidentally stumble upon me. 

As your health coach, it is my duty to ensure you are consistent and confident at the end of your calls, . My programs are are 6-months maximum. In this time you'll be able to create useful habits to become consistent and confident on your health journey on you 


I'm here to tell you, the hardest thing I have ever had to do was heal. We are healing every day and constantly. It is a journey, not destination, as cliche as that may seem. 

Throughout my healing journey I came to find that food is  food as a source of energy, and it can be healing or harming. The excitement of daily life can surely contribute to a whirlwind of energies. Those energies you experience - especially in areas like time management relationships, movement, finances, and more - are just as important as the food you consume. 

Find out about terms such as primary and secondary foods, connection between your mind and gut and get access to tools like guided journals

If you have been suffering from bloating, weight management, stress and fatigue, you have been in and out of doctors' offices , Gyns, Endocrinologists, and gastroenterologists with no avail, then you've come to the right place

At HolistiHealth you will transform your life by addressing root causes, breaking down big daunting task into small mini wins, and keeping up on current INFORMATION.


A lot of information will be provided to you simplified, easy to flip through and even easier to apply ! 


Because health is holistic, every part needs acute care and as I know personally, dealing with ongoing health issues is just one of the many ways we can be deterred from our health journeys. 


With direct access to current information, resources for healthy and mindful eating, managing ailments such as Type 2 Diabetes, PCOS, & adrenal fatigue will seem more manageable than you could have ever imagined ! 



Let me help you heal yourself through food. 

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