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Meet Estephanie

Your own

Certified Holistic Health Coach -  Hormone Maven & Gut Guru right at your fingertips ! 

It wasn't until I was away at college, starving suffering from a slew of health issues such as hormonal imbalance, fatigue, and indigestion, that I realized how much home cooked meals nourished my body holistically, both from the care to the ingredients used to prepare these meals. Finding affordable, tasteful,  nutritious eating options on or around campus was almost impossible. Moreover, the options available regarding counsel on mindfulness and nutrition was overpriced and too generalized. 


I realized student, business professionals, and parents with packed schedules struggling to find answers to their health ailments and a manageable life balance would love the opportunity to have their own holistic 1-1 or small group coaching at an affordable convenient price...

So I became one !




"S'ak nan vant, se li ki konte"

At HolistiHealth, this old Haitian quote "S'ak nan vant, se li ki konte" translated "What's in your stomach is what counts" is the mission statement and foundation.  It is my mission to educate and support members of Black diaspora community and allies in regards to  wellness education and the importance of intentional living.



Healthy Cooking & Meal Planning


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